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Once you become a client, you are part of the Leverage family. We offer a high touch solution to a small group of clients. We leverage innovative technology, our expertise in testing and our diverse backgrounds to provide unique, cost-effective solutions to modern testing problems.

Headquartered in New York City (NYC), our remote team is geographically dispersed across the globe to service various client timezones. We look forward to learning more about you.

What makes us different?

We offer a diverse breadth of services designed to provide one point of contact for each phase of your test system from test development, to administration to validation for the entire life cycle of your test.

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Meet our team
Kyana Beckles

Kyana Beckles

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of Leverage Assessments, her combined experience in recruitment, employment selection, organizational development projects and technology make for a unique suite of offerings. She offers a unique perspective on the challenges of the selection systems. 

Mustakim Masum

Mustakim Masum

Executive Director of Projects & Operations

A devoted individual to the innovative world of Technology and testing in particular. He has been working with Leverage Assessments since  early 2018. At leverage Assessemnts he is responsible for project operations which includes focus group study, job analysis, administration and management of psychological tests, content development and web administration and more. 

Ryan Tan Yu

Ryan Tan Yu

Director of Marketing and Recruitment

Ryan B. Tan Yu is the Director of Marketing and Recruitment at Leverage Assessments, Inc. A serial entrepreneur in the field of remote solutions and innovation, Ryan has co-founded and managed startup companies like Mataverse and Ehrlich with successes in government R&D projects, Virtual Reality, 360° media, and innovating business processes.

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